Frequently Asked Questions

We need someone internal (don’t we?)

With all of the federal and state laws and regulations affecting your business, we would agree that you need a personnel function. PMSI is a less costly alternative to an in-house person and we can do more than one internal person could perform. Our experience is that most small businesses are missing the basic HR pieces required for legal compliance. These companies are exposed to liability issues and employee relations problems. We are here to remove these internal burdens and to provide a staff of skilled and certified professionals.

Calling your attorney is a very expensive way to handle your HR needs. Further, unless your attorney specializes in Employment Law, you may not be getting all the information you need. Finally, the attorney will give advice and maybe handle a project for you, but they will not do the day-to-day compliance work. There may be times when your attorney needs to be involved, but we can handle the daily issues and help lower your attorney fees.

With our team of HR professionals serving your company, employees feel their needs are being met more responsively, accurately and professionally. In addition to our frequent onsite visits, we are always available by telephone, fax and email.

You are assigned a team of three people – HR Manager, Senior HR Manager and a Recruiter. In addition, we have other qualified backup personnel to insure your inquiries are handled by skilled staff.

Growth should always begin from a good foundation. Now is the time to start building those policies and procedures, benefit programs, handbooks, hiring practices, etc. Outsourcing these tasks to qualified professionals allows your management team to focus on other key areas involved in growing the business. When you have the need for an internal person, we could help find you a qualified candidate. Remember, it is difficult to grow a company without an established HR system in place. So, don’t get caught in difficult position because you failed to plan.

We provide a service very much needed in today’s complex business environment. Since 1982, Asure Consulting has saved our clients a considerable amount of time and money in our role as their off-site Human Resources Department. Contact Us