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Tour the offices of Asure Consulting and you wills see that we resemble a traditional Human Resources department in any large size company. We are not the HR department for one company; we have worked with thousands of companies. We do not simply advise or consult – we are the Human Resources department.

Consequences of Operating Without a Competent HR Function

Discriminatory Hiring Practices (ads, screening, interviewing, selection)

Fines, Penalties, and Lawsuits (Title VII, Equal Pay Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title I and Title V of ADA, WLAD)

Out-of-date Employment Application

Fines, Penalties, and INS Violations (Title VII, Equal Pay Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title I and Title V of ADA, WLAD)

Poor Documentation (I-9’s etc.) in Employee Files; Improper Disposal of Records

Fines, Penalties, Lawsuits, Evidence of Discriminatory Practices (Federal and State Discrimination Laws – IRCA, IIRIRA, RCW 19.215)

No Review of Terminations

Fines, Penalties, Lawsuits (Title VII, Equal Pay Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title I and V of ADA, WLAD, State Tort Laws)

No Employee Performance Documentation

Unlawful Termination Lawsuits; Lack of Employee Development; No Basis for Compensation, Performance, Retention Decisions, (ADEA, State Tort Laws, WLAD)

No Annual Harassment/Retaliation Training

Increased Chance of Harassment or Retaliation Claims; Loss of Affirmative Defense Under Ellerth; Potential Individual Liability for Managers

No Interview Skills Training

Increased Chance of Discrimination Claims (Federal and State Discrimination Laws)

Poor Exempt/Non-Exempt Classification; Improper Independent Contractor Classification

Officer or Agent Individual Liability; Class Actions, Back Pay Penalties and Employee Lawsuits (FLSA, Washington Minimum Wage Act)

Poor Practices Regarding Rest Breaks and Lunch Breaks

Fines and Penalties (Washington Minimum Wage Act)

Improper or Ill-timed Employee Investigations

Increased Chance of Lawsuits, EEOC Investigations/Fines, Violation of EEOC Investigation Guidelines, Violation of State and Federal Discrimination/Harassment

Let’s face it.

One of the most difficult aspects of running a small to mid-sized business is dealing with Human Resources and employee issues.

Think of all the headaches

Hiring, firing, benefits, wage and hour, safety, training, policies and compliance – the alphabet soup collection of regulations (COBRA, FMLA, EEOC, FLSA, OFCCP, ADA, HIPAA, ERISA, I-9…). And if that weren’t enough, consider the ever-present threat of employee lawsuits for harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination.

Now imagine the cure

Outsourcing your Human Resources issues to us. This is what we do and have been doing for over 35 years. We are the leading provider of HR outsourcing services for small and medium-sized companies in the Pacific Northwest. You receive the expertise of a professional HR department for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

A typical Asure Consulting prospect is either a growing company experiencing various Human Resources related issues and limited in-house Human Resources capacity, or an established company looking for expertise in the area of Human Resources. The needs are varied and include:

  • Hiring and Training issues
  • Program Development (safety, performance appraisal, salary, etc.)
  • Policy Development/Revision (handbooks, manuals, etc.)
  • A resource for employee questions on benefits, pay, etc.
  • Creative solutions for morale and/or productivity problems
  • Innovative alternatives to evade escalating benefit costs
  • Expert guidance in handling recent fines, penalties or employee lawsuits

About Asure Software

Asure Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASUR), headquartered in Austin, Texas, offers intuitive and innovative solutions designed to help organizations of all sizes and complexities build companies of the future. Our cloud platforms enable more than 100,000 clients direct and indirect, worldwide to better manage their people and space in a mobile, digital, multi-generational, and global workplace. Asure Software’s offerings include a fully-integrated HCM platform, flexible benefits and compliance administration, HR consulting, and time and labor management as well as a full suite of workspace management solutions for conference room scheduling, desk sharing programs, and real estate optimization. For more information on all of our solutions, please visit

We provide a service very much needed in today’s complex business environment. Since 1982, Asure Consulting has saved our clients a considerable amount of time and money in our role as their off-site Human Resources Department. Contact Us